This resource offers a collection of information, strategies and examples to support school and district leaders, professional development providers, and educational consultants who want to create and support effective communities of practices for K-12 educators. The goal of this resource is to support the development, implementation and evaluation of current and future communities of practice.

Built on solid research and sound adult learning pedagogy, communities of practice offer a powerful professional learning strategy for the 21st century educator. This personalized approach to professional development leverages technology to create robust opportunities for participation and collaboration.

There are a number of communities of practice currently underway throughout the province, including several posted by the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC), in collaboration with Alberta Education. A number of these communities shared their experience, tools, lessons learned, and reflections to illustrate what is possible when committed educators come together to learn and grow.

For more information and examples of the work of collaborative communities of practice in Alberta, visit: